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Scores (Solution for Cooperative Researches) Group  is a unity of companies concerned with in media researches and media audit. From the end of 2018, CAWI Services Ltd., OH Monitoring ltd., Outdoor Media Audit Ltd., Ariant Ltd., and M-Meter Ltd. (former MediaMeter Ltd.) continue their business under the Brand Scores Group. The Group runs outdoor audit, manages the broadest opt-in media panel of Hungary, and cooperates with Kantar group in the fields of outdoor researches, radio audience research and print press readership research. The cooperation between these companies of supplemental portfolios results a more efficient, more complete and on the partners’ side more satisfactory solutions. The profile of Scores Group contains numerous fields; among others adex audience surveys, ad hoc media researches, independent media audit services, surveys on the only media dedicated opt-in answer panel of Hungary. The common in these is that they all are in connection with media and research.

Scores Group by companies

Scores Group is a group of the following member companies:

  • Outdoor Media Audit (OMA)
  • M-Meter (Mediameter)
  • OH Monitoring
  • CAWI Services
  • Ariant 

Scores Group by media types

Activity of Scores Group currently covers the following areas and related research fields:

  • outdoor
  • online
  • radio
  • print
  • tv

Scores Group by research areas

Activity of Scores Group includes tasks listed below:

  • independent media audit
  • tracking and ad hoc media surveys:
    • image survey of media brands (tv, radio, print)
    • radio music tests
    • outdoor campaign planning
    • campaign effectivity measurement
      more information (pdf)
    • simulation of reach productivity of temporary or ambient outdoor advertisement tools
    • maintaining and updating the outdoor routes’ database
    • multimedia media consumption map
  • maintenance and management of Hungary’s only dedicated media opt-in answer panel
  • consultancy, presentations, publications etc.